Loadboard Ninja Support

This is because Loadboard Ninja is so new. "For new developers, it generally takes a few months to become trusted. Eventually, we strive for all developers with compliant extensions to reach this status upon meeting our Developer Programme Policies." - Google Support. Unfortunately we have to wait for this to go away, but all extensions that are available in the chrome store have undergone manual review. You will see that the only permissions the extension has are on loadboards.

If you have "Enhanced Safe Browsing" your extension will turn itself off when it updates.

Loadboard Ninja works with Google Chrome and all Chrome Based browsers, which does include Microsoft Edge, however, does not include Firefox. Firefox support is on our roadmap.

This tool was made for dispatchers in the office on desktop computer. Currently there is not a mobile version, we are exploring this issue.

You have to go to Settings -> Organization and put in your compatible ELD API key in your organization's settings.

Email us here or call 509-990-8126 for immediate support.